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Job-educational consulting center

Hedayat Farhikhtegan Javan consulting center as first specialized job-education consulting center has certificate from psychology and consulting organization of Iran. This center presents job-educational consultations through telephone or verbal to specify job-educational method through identification tools and standards and holding workshops according to standards. Processes of designing, standardization and accreditation of these models was performed in research units of institute and was certified by psychology and consulting organization of country.

Job-educational consulting center

This center tends to present services in the field job-educational consulting through cooperation with experts to consultants and contacts as below:

  • Holding empowerment sessions in the field of job-educational guidance
  • Holding training workshops with job-educational consulting titles
  • job-educational guidance according to scientific systems and standard
  • presenting job-educational consulting verbal or by telephone
  • many other applied services

Communication to consultation center
61978088-89 -021 0098

Telephone consultation system (available only through landline phone)