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Hedayat Farhikhtegan Javan institute as one of first known scientific centers started its activities in 2007 concentrated on training, job and educational guidance, organizational and business and now is organizing and upgrading position of training based on new theories of learning and utilizing appropriate tools including video, photos, audio, etc. also this company is looking for a path for economic development of country through guiding entrepreneurs and economic enterprises for successful investment and integration of resources of organization.

Major activities of institute

Training and job-educational guidance

  • Designing Sigma Danesh network
  • Desgining SAMIM smart software
  • Creating appropriate platforms to fulfill scientific and training requirements of schools
  • Presenting appropriate identification tools to select accurate job and educational way
  • Presenting vast domain of material and training tools to increase f student’s tendency to learning
  • Studying job-educational guidance records in Iran.

Human resource and organizations scope

  • Presenting comprehensive solutions for managing human resource
  • Preparation of a comprehensive system to select staff intelligently
  • Creating a platform to manage performance of staff and organizations
  • Extracting new methods in the field of human resource assessment
  • Designing recruitment tests based on local and national norms and according to scientific achievements

Setting business and investment scope

  • Investigation of successful occupation and entrepreneurship proposals in global level
  • Authoring and preparation of business and investment proposals
  • Extracting indexes to identify superior entrepreneurs
  • Extracting indexes to assess entrepreneurship proposals
  • Preparation of continental information bank of country in line with forming logistic systems in industry and agriculture field.
  • Authoring regulation to set a business